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Lots of 3PLs say they do Amazon fulfillment… but they don’t always know the ins and outs of Amazon’s unique platform. Successful supply chain management more directly affects your success as a seller on Amazon than any other sales channel, because your account can be dinged, or worse—suspended—for supply chain mistakes. It’s critical to have a partner that understands how it works.

Fetch Fulfillment’s CEO, Nish George, ran supply chain and logistics analytics at Amazon Europe for years. He knows Amazon better than anyone.

Amazon Order Fulfillment: FBA

As an Amazon seller, you know that there are several different ways to sell on the platform. The most widely used is Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon. Fetch Fulfillment is set up to be your Amazon FBA order fulfillment partner.

Amazon Order Fulfillment: FBM

Fetch Fulfillment is also the ideal order fulfillment partner for brands that want to do Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Merchant. This is the biggest place other 3PLs make mistakes on Amazon orders, since orders have to be picked, packed and shipped within the window that is set on an Amazon account (on an ASIN by ASIN basis). The default is 48 hours, though it can be changed. If FBM is an important sales channel for you, we’re here to help.

And while Amazon FBA is more heavily used, every e-commerce company should be set up to sell and ship all their SKUs as Amazon FBM, at the very least as a backup system. If something goes awry with your Amazon FBA and you accidentally go out of stock in the Amazon warehouse, you can switch that SKU over to FBM so you’re never actually out of stock on the Amazon platform!

Amazon Order Fulfillment: SFP (Seller-Fulfilled Prime)

Seller-fulfilled Prime is the program that allows brands to earn the Prime badge on Amazon listings without having to use Amazon FBA to get it. While the ability to use Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime is determined by the brand (there’s a waitlist at the moment), Fetch Fulfillment is ready to meet Amazon’s rigorous requirements for keeping you in the program. We operate six days a week, and offer competitive shipping options so you can offer Prime to your customers across the U.S. without the Amazon FBA fees.

Amazon FBA-Ineligible Products

There are some products that can be sold through Amazon marketplace, but are restricted for sale via Amazon FBA. If you have products like that you’d like to sell through Amazon, we can offer you and your customers Amazon-FBA-like service through Amazon FBM.

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