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With a focus on transparency and customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class fulfillment for growing e-commerce brands.
Whether it's domestic deliveries or international distribution, we dispatch your goods with care and make fulfillment the easiest part of your business.

Tom Steckbeck

Owner, Fizzics

Fizzics has worked with Fetch Fulfillment for container deliveries, warehousing, inventory management, Shopify order fulfillment, crowdfunding campaign fulfillment, Amazon shipping and various special projects since 2016. The entire team is responsive, professional and pleasure to work with. Orders are filled same day or next day (for orders received late in the day or overnight), and their rates are very reasonable. We highly recommend Fetch to any company looking for warehousing, inventory management and fulfillment.

Shopping for 3PLs is hard

You’ve likely experienced or heard of brands struggling with these 3PL issues

Black-box, non-itemized invoices

Outdated technology

High minimum order volumes

High shipping rates that mysteriously cannot be quoted until you’ve moved in

Weak or no operational SLAs

Piles of broken promises after onboarding

Poor transparency about service disruptions

Painful calls with “1-800-number” customer service agents who can’t see your physical inventory and can’t fix anything

What makes Fetch different?

An efficient pick, pack and ship operation in which SLAs are met and mistakes aren’t made

A clean, well-organized warehouse in which you feel safe keeping your inventory and can come visit at any time

A customer service team who picks up the phone, no annoying recordings and is on-site with your inventory

Total transparency on pricing; zero surprise invoices

Commitment to making order fulfillment the least stressful part of your business

Cutting-edge technology 


Orders shipped


Net Promoter Score


Years in Operation

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Working with us is just easy

We do what we say we’re going to do, period. 

You always have full access to your data, and invoices show detailed breakdowns of what is being charged, so you can really understand your supply chain performance and costs

We value total transparency with our customers, and that includes proactively telling you if there’s an issue that will impact your business. 

Longing for stress-free logistics?

Let us fetch the tailor-made solution that will transform your operations

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