Customer Journey Review: Glossier

By Madison Heagele

My name is Madison and I'm one of the employees of Fetch Fulfillment. I am going to be reviewing my experience with the company called Glossier. I heard about this company from my cousin, who owns a few of their products. I borrowed her lip gloss and loved the way my lips looked with the tint and the glow. I decided to branch out and try their brow filler. I was pleased with the online checkout experience, the timing of the arrival of the product, and how it arrived at my doorstep. Let’s get into it! 


My ordering experience with Glossier was quick and easy. When I was purchasing the eyebrow filler product on their website, it was organized into categories that were easy to understand. The shipping choices, and how they were priced, were also easy to understand. To make checkout more efficient, there was a list of different payment methods, including  Shop Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay as express options. 

The communication between customers and this company is fantastic. I received a confirmation email as soon as I clicked checkout, once my order was shipped, and when my order was delivered. 

Score: 10/10

Shipping timeline 

I also felt that my order was shipped quickly and efficiently. It only took three business days for my order to arrive, when it said it could take between three and five days — my expectations were exceeded. I got confirmation emails at every step. It’s clear that Glossier takes a great amount of pride in their process, and cares about their customers. I’m very satisfied with my experience ordering from Glossier and I’d definitely shop with them again.

Score: 10/10

Fulfillment accuracy

Everything in the package was exactly what I ordered. No mispicks here!

Score: 10/10

Packaging presentation and unboxing

I was really happy with how the package arrived at my doorstep. There was a touch of Glossier tape, so I knew right away who sent the package. I’m leaving to go back to college soon and have placed a lot of online orders, so it was nice to get this clear indication as to what was in this particular box.

The package, a white box with the Glossier logo on the side, arrived in good condition. The product inside looked secure and neat. There is an additional pink Ziploc bubble makeup bag to protect my product. 

I thought the box size was quite large for the single product I ordered. It made more sense after I opened the box and saw the additional interior packaging, but it still seemed like a lot of boxes for a small product. I also did not like how hard it was to open the box because of the tape around it. I had a difficult time getting the box open and was worried  I was going to hurt the product. 

The retail packaging the actual eyebrow gel came in is nice and kept it in good condition. 

Score: 7/10

Wow factor and brand representation

Glossier included a small sticker in the package —  I was delighted to see a freebie. Another thing that I liked was a small stamp that they added, which was visible after I removed the product from its original box. It added something extra that you don’t see very often. I thought both the sticker and the stamp were cute and added something personal. 

I think the overall unboxing experience was enjoyable and representative of the Glossier brand. I loved how the clamshell box opened — it unfolded nicely to reveal my product safe and secure fitting the box perfectly. 

Overall, my experience with ordering from Glossier as an e-commerce customer was good. I had no problems with placing the order, and it arrived on time and in great shape. They put time and thought into how they package and ship their items. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others. 

Score: 9/10